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We are a multiple award winning community Martial Arts School, that is passionate about coaching a wonderful healthy way of life to young children, right through to adults. Using Martial Arts as a tool to introduce self discipline and control, improve confidence and self awareness, mental and physical skills which will benefit students in life, advice on healthy living and eating, a goal setting, can do attitude in students, determination and tough mindedness, which have all helped our students go on to achieve academically and in their careers.

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“It is an honour and a privilege to be a Martial Arts Teacher. I teach with a balance of humour, play, intensity, and focus. My goal is to treat my students with as much respect as they treat me; to serve not only as a role model as a martial arts teacher, but as a compassionate and engaged human being. This is how I was taught and it is my mission in life to pass on what I have learned, not only in the martial arts world, but in the community as a whole.”

Sensei Ozel Osman.

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